Brush seal applications

Automotive industry

Gearboxes in military vehicles are protected from getting stuck  by bullet shells by means of a well placed strip brush. 

In the agricultural sector our brushes are used on tractors to prevent dirt from entering the cabin and to protect moving parts.

Swimming pool enclosures

Our sealing brushes are commonly used around swimming pool enclosures.

  • to save energy loss by sealing the gaps from the enclosure of heated pools
  • To prevent leafs and dirt from entering the pool 

Vacuum cleaner industry brushes


Construction industry

Road en waterworks

Among others, the province of Groningen uses our brush seals to cover gaps in each bridge and  overpass. Mixed hair filament is used to ensure the best sealing.

Road en waterworks

The hydraulic parts of the new high tech largest composite bridge in Holland, the Nelson Mandela bridge in Alkmaar, are protected by brush seals. The brushes can be found behind the sleeves for the red arms. External link to news message


  • sealing
  • renovation
  • domestic
  • industrial


  • draught excluders
  • letterplate (mail slot)
  • draughtstrip
  • contemporary designs
  • renovation

Door and window industry

We supply various manufacturers in the door and window industry.
Usual applications are :

  • Speed doors
  • Extremely large doors
  • Large or narrow gaps and tolerances
  • Weather resistant
  • Fire proof

Hanger doors

Tailor made brushes for the Martinair Aeronautical School, Lelystad


Customer specific project. Aluminum profiles coated in special colors for an Angolian compound.

Luxury yacht

Sliding doors on a luxury yacht sealed with a high quality brush.


The bump created by special hydraulical hangar doors caused problems on the sensitive and costly electrical equipment from fighter jets. Tailor made brushes helped to solve these problems.

Garage doors

Our brushes are found in garage doors from all major manufacturers around Europe. Construction companies or DIY enthusiasts that renovate these doors order the same brushes on our website.


Sliding doors

A brush in stainless steel back protects sliding wheels from dirt and dust. This is a very small, specialist brush which has to comply with extreme tolerances.


Do it yourself (DIY) & renovation


With the exclusive door-line brand we present an extensive range of (decorative) draught-excluders for end users. Available in DIY stores for renovation or decoration purposes. Highly rewarded by architects, prescribers, construction professionals and the local ironmongery specialist. Available as OEM. Read more.

Engineering industry

This short movie by Verhagen features a flexible application of a brush. We worked on this solution in close cooperation with the customer.


One of the leading manufacturers in gymnastics gear have improved their products with our products.

  • Safety sealing for adjustable parts
  • Improve design by hiding technical parts 


The Dutch National Aerospace Lab applied our brushes to seal cabines that are used to test material in extreme temperatures


A special project for a library. Books can be dropped in the container, but can not be removed. 


In close cooperation with the customer we have developed a seal for high voltage electricity cabinets that are used outdoors. 


Environmental storing systems placed underground are sealed from the air by a high quality brush seal.

Bike trailer

A large trailer used by a touringcar company for bicycling holidays caused a lot of damage to the ever more sophisticated yet fragile bikes. Our brushes provide a safe and smooth handling of the bikes, thus eleminating complaints. 


Hinges on ferry’s are sealed from the hostile climate with technical brushes. 

Bike trailer

Hydraulical systems in Dutch locks (waterworks) are protected from aggressive excreta from (sea)birds by tailor made brushes. 

Furniture industry

One of Holland’s most prominent furniture manufacturers relies on our brushes for various purposes.

  • to protect the moving parts of seating/standing desk from dust
  • covering technical parts from dust and keeping them out of sight
  • to seal cabinet doors

Food industry

  • To guide soda cans on an assembly line
  • Sealing for climate rooms for banana’s

Agricultural industry



  • Industrial doors
  • Equipment sealing
  • Stress reduction (livestock likes to scratch their skin against sturdy brushes.)
  • Treadmills for horses
  • Tractor (sealing moving parts from mud)