Brush sealing

Our field of expertise is brush strip production. Our brushes are widely applied in construction, renovation and industry. Any gap or moving part that should be covered, protected or shielded could use one of our brushstrips. Brush sealing provides flexibility and will protect against draught, moist, UV light, vermin, noise, dust etc.

Technical brushes

We develop and produce various technical and industrial brush products for our customers. Both high tech applications as simple made to order brush sealing.  A simple example of profit trough efficiency? We produce the brush at the desired length and punch the drill holes at the right spots as part of the production process in our factory. Thus saving time and cutting material loss. Contact our sales department as soon as possible. Think ahead and save time and money.

Brush_Seal_Furniture_Industry_RiZZ_1 Brush_Strips_Brush_Seal_Profiles_600x600_compress_RiZZ


  • Aluminum profiles
  • Nylon brush
  • Mixed hair (horsehair and PP) brush
  • Polypropylene (PP) brush





We are the market leader in strip brushes with a mixture between natural fibers such as horse hair and synthetic fibers such as nylon and polypropylene. To fix the brush we offer various profiles in aluminum, anodized, coated or in stainless steel. We have a wide range of Pile brushes and other flexible brushes. We gladly advise you the best solution for any sealing application.


Our broad customer base trusts on our outstanding delivery performance. We gladly provide you with testimonials. Contact our sales department for more information.


Energy savers

door-line is our consumer brand for decorative draught excluders. The draught range contains matching products such as letter plates, draught strips and the (design award winning) post catcher. Also available in OEM.


In our company we involve people with a distance to the labourmarket. We work with ISO quality and sustainability standards. In 2016 we will start a program that wille enable us to retrieve old products and directly recycle them into the raw material that we use for new products. Internally we already do this with almost all of our waste. Our products help to save energy, which makes them sustainable.

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